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Two geleda sitting on a rock looking at each other. One has its mouth open.

We have six geladas at Bristol Zoo Project; a family group of Kito, Kidame, Harshit and Hobbit, and father and son Leena and Takeze. Read about how we integrated two newcomers into our bachelor group.

You can see them in the Gelada Rocks area, near the entrance to Bear Wood. Geladas are found only in the highlands of Ethiopia, where their long furry ‘capes’ help keep them warm.

Fun Fact

Geladas live in matriarchal (female-led) family groups but sometimes families join together, forming groups of up to 350 animals!


Geladas are considered Least Concern by the IUCN, meaning their risk of extinction in the wild is low.

We work to conserve three other primate species in the wild, the Critically Endangered Western lowland gorilla, and lemurs including the Critically Endangered blue-eyed black lemur and the Endangered Sanje mangabey.

Learn more about our conservation work here.


Our geladas live in a special area designed to replicate the Ethiopian highlands.

The long grasses, rocks and climbing platforms, give them good vantage points and plenty of areas to forage.

Visit the geladas at Bristol Zoo Project

See the gelada group in the Gelada Rocks habitat, next to Bear Wood.