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Site rules

Welcome to Bristol Zoo Project!

We hope you have a fantastic, memorable and inspiring day.

We care about our animals as much as our visitors. We therefore ask that during your visit you please respect the following:

  • Please don’t feed our animals, it will spoil their dinner and it may actually be harmful to them.

  • Sometimes we may need to close our animal houses with little or no notice. We will always try our best to avoid this but if we do there will be an important reason for us doing so. 

  • We know it can be tempting, but even our cutest animals can bite or scratch so we ask that you don’t touch them. 

  • Our animals won’t return your ball, Frisbee, drone, or in fact anything that gets in to their enclosure. In addition, nobody likes to have their day ruined by being hit unexpectedly by these or similar objects. Therefore ball games, use of frisbees and drones are not allowed.

  • We welcome kids of all ages, from the very smallest to the young at heart. We ask that any children aged 14 and under are always supervised. 

  • Skateboards, roller skates, scooters and bicycles are not allowed. We wouldn’t want you to whizz around too quickly and miss something great or bump in to somebody! 

  • We are committed to welcoming all visitors to Bristol Zoo Project but unfortunately, we cannot allow pets on site, in driveways or in car parks. Please do not leave any animals in cars, as we may have to intervene if deemed necessary.

  • Assistance dogs are welcome on site when accompanied by, and under the control of their owners. Assistance dogs should be highly trained, have up to date vaccinations and have not experienced vomiting or diarrhoea in the last 24 hours. On arrival, owners will be asked to complete a disclaimer to verify the health of their assistance dog, acknowledge they have received and understand the map indicating the areas where assistance dogs may not enter, and agree to keep their assistance dog under close control. Find out more on our Accessibility page.

  • However much we love fire engines, we don’t want you to set fire to our animal enclosures, our beautiful meadow, or our ancient woodland so barbecues are not permitted anywhere on site. 

  • Should you need to leave Bristol Zoo Project for any reason during your visit, we’ll let you back in. Just talk to our admissions team and you’ll be welcome to head out and pop back in later the same day. 

  • We hope you capture some wonderful memories by taking lots of photographs during your visit, but please be aware that if you would like to use the photographs or videos taken for commercial reasons, then you do need prior permission. 

  • We have tried to keep our paths and woodland walks as natural as possible. This means that some of our paths may be muddy, slippery, uneven, and some areas may not be accessible to wheelchair users. 

  • And finally, we hope it will never get to this point, but we reserve the right to ask any guests causing disruption for others, or putting themselves, staff, other visitors and most importantly our animals in danger, to leave Bristol Zoo Project.