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With wildlife in crisis and animals under threat, conservation zoos have an important role to play. We want to take action. And we want you to join us!

Over the next few years, with your support, together we can create an exciting new zoo for the 21st century.

Bristol Zoo Project

Connected Habitats

More than 80% of the species at the zoo will be linked to conservation projects in the wild. This will include new homes for animals in a landscape that better reflects the animal’s natural habitat. Visitors will discover the wonder of nature and learn about the threats to wild animals.

Conservation Campus

At the heart of the zoo – a new and accessible teaching, animal breeding, conservation and veterinary medicine hub. The base for our local and international conservation work, a window into the science and medicine needed to save wildlife. This will be part of the visitor’s experience, promoting the different career paths there are in conservation.

Community Together

There will be something for everyone at the zoo. A place to have fun and educational space to bring your family. We will make nature accessible for all to enjoy the health and well-being benefits of being surrounded by nature. We will share what you can do when you leave to live more sustainably and protect wildlife.


A positive future for nature and wildlife is possible. By taking action now we can continue Saving Wildlife Together.