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Access to Nature scheme welcomes hundreds for funded zoo visits

Our Access to Nature scheme offers funded visits to the zoo, helping those most in need access nature.

Madagascar reforestation project update

Our conservation team have helped plant over 15,000 seedlings in Madagascar as part of efforts to restore forests.

Introducing our new family saver offer

The Family Saver ticket gives you the same access to the zoo – no time limits or date restrictions, for a lower cost.

Welcome to our new female red river hog, Laña!

We have recently welcomed a new red river hog from Africa Alive in Suffolk, as a companion for our male red river hog Ekundu.

How our new red panda settled in to his new habitat

To help us understand how Nilo has settled in, our Animal Behaviour and Welfare Team set out to record his behaviour in his new habitat.

Our pledge to Reverse the Red and save species

As a conservation and education charity, we're pledging to conserve and protect dozens of species on the brink of extinction.

Protecting threatened species in the Philippines

Our conservation team are working with local communities to help conserve the Visayan warty pig and other threatened wildlife.

How we introduced new gelada into our bachelor group

In January, we were excited to welcome two new geladas to our group here at Bristol Zoo Project, father and son Leena (13) and Takeze (5).

Bristol's most famous bears come face-to-face

Bristol Bears rugby players have come face-to-face with their namesakes at the We're Going on a Bear Hunt trail!

Creating a new red panda habitat

Before welcoming our new red panda Nilo, our expert teams came together to create a purpose-built habitat, tailor-made to his needs.

Red pandas are back in Bristol as Nilo arrives at the zoo!

Endangered red panda Nilo is settling in to his newly created habitat after arriving from ZSL’s Whipsnade.

Anti-poaching project in Cameroon declared a success

A two-year project to help safeguard the precious wildlife of Bénoué National Park in northern Cameroon, has been declared a success.

National expansion for scheme to protect UK waterways

A Bristol-based water quality awards scheme to fight invasive non-native species has been expanded to more than 60 sites across the UK.

TV adventurer Andy Day turns detective for half term fun

Children's TV presenter Andy Day joined us for a sneak peek of our Zoo Detectives trail ahead of February half-term (10 to 18 February).

Population study supports fight to save Kordofan giraffe

New data about the numbers of Critically Endangered Kordofan giraffe living in Cameroon’s Bénoué National Park has been released.

How membership helps support wildlife

Here are five amazing things our members do to support our conservation charity in our mission of Saving Wildlife Together.

Approval for new Central African Forest habitat

We’ve secured planning approval to build a Central African Forest habitat at Bristol Zoo Project for the world’s most critically endangered species.

12 incredible wildlife-saving months!

From the announcement of a new conservation zoo to saving species at home and abroad, 2023 has been a year to remember.

Santa investigates animal poop wrapping paper

The poo from different animals at Bristol Zoo Project could be turned into gift wrap if a new trial is successful.


Bristol Zoological Society has been working to project Sanje mangabeys, an Endangered primate species found only in Tanzania, since 2014.

Paris Exhibition Celebrates Fish Project

An exhibition focusing on the efforts of UK scientists to save a critically endangered species of fish in Madagascar, has opened in Paris.

Welcome to our new blue-eyed black lemur pair!

Haja, a four-year-old male, and Olanna, a nine-year-old female have moved to Bristol Zoo Project from their home at the former Bristol Zoo Gardens.

Using camera traps to conserve species in Cameroon

Our conservation team is working to reduce the threats posed to important populations of wildlife species in Cameroon’s Bénoué National Park.

Bristol Zoo Project hosts world leading giraffe care conference

Bristol Zoo Project is bringing together giraffe keepers from around the world as part of a major training event.

Why do bears hibernate and what does it involve?

The four bears of Bear Wood will soon be going into torpor (a light form of hibernation) - here's everything you need to know.

Conservation team visit the Philippines

It’s been a busy few weeks for our Philippines Programme Team, having just returned from a trip to the islands of Negros and Panay.

Halloween arrives early at Bristol Zoo Project

Our brown bears and wolverines have been enjoying some tasty pumpkins ahead of our Howl-oween celebrations later this month.

7 Things to do at Bristol Zoo Project this Halloween

Discover things to do during your Halloween visit to Bristol Zoo Project, including our spook-tacular trail and witch's campsite.

Children’s TV adventurer Andy Day visits Bristol Zoo Project

Popular children’s TV presenter Andy Day has swapped dinosaur adventures for local nature as part of our AutumnFest celebrations.

Conservation student proves it’s never too late

A mature student is proving it’s never too late to follow your passion, after winning a top conservation award.

Good News for Newts!

Great-crested newt numbers have risen by 87% at Bristol Zoo Project since 2021, thanks to a £50,000 grant from the Landfill Communities Trust.

Precious escargot: Extinct snails head back to the wild

Extinct in the Wild tropical tree snails bred by Bristol Zoological Society have been flown to Tahiti.

If you go down to Bear Wood Today...

Discover the wonders of Bear Wood and learn more about the bears, wolves, lynxes and wolverines that live there.

Bird conservation at Bristol Zoo Project

Bristol Zoo Project is home to some of the world’s rarest species of birds, and plays a critical role in the conservation of threatened species.

Why you should care about white-clawed crayfish

This World Water Week, we’re shining a light on our conservation work with one of the UK’s most endangered species.

There's something about Mary...the ostrich!

A new arrival at Bristol Zoo Project has been capturing the attention of visitors with her beautiful plumage and long limbs.

Conservation success story: reforesting Madagascar

Our ongoing conservation work in Northwest Madagascar has seen us successfully establish 15,000 tree seedlings this year.

7 surprising facts about grey wolves

Unique howls, a huge geographical range and complex social bonds… there’s a lot about wolves you might not know.

Giant chocolate replica of Alfred the gorilla arrives

A one-metre tall, 45kg chocolate sculpture of one of Bristol Zoo’s most famous and much-loved residents, has been unveiled to visitors.

Kordofan giraffes face local extinction if poaching continues 

Poaching of two Critically Endangered Kordofan giraffes per year could result in extinction in just 15 years within Cameroon’s Bénoué National Park.

Double conservation success for our bird keepers

Two of the world’s most threatened species of bird have successfully bred at Bristol Zoo Project - safeguarding the future of their species.

Around the world in 7 projects: our conservation work

From majestic western lowland gorillas to the tiny white-clawed crayfish, we’re working around the world to save species.

A day in the life of an animal keeper

We join the animal team for National Zookeeper Week to appreciate zookeepers’ contribution to the charity’s conservation efforts.

First sight of new brand for Bristol Zoo Project

New name and brand revealed, marking the start of our journey to become a modern conservation zoo.